Single Powerful Management System for SMEs

Looking for smart ways of improving business, Bright Business Solutions can certainly help you. We specialise in building single powerful management system for SMEs by integrating Business Intelligence, Financial Reporting, KPI , Lean Management, Quality Assurance (IS0 9000), Occupational Health and Safety (AS/NZS 4801), and Environmental Management (ISO 14001). SMEs are constantly under pressure for regulatory safety compliance, achieving or maintaining quality accreditation, competitive pricing, growing data and budget constraints. We can help you in developing an integrated system either from scratch or with existing systems in place. We can also work with you to achieve efficiency gain in a specific area as a pilot run to build trust essential for long term relationship.

ERP Selection, Implementation and Customisation

Information is the key to success. Among the most popular and effective ways we can help you achieve this are: Selection of ERP System; Customisaton of Existing ERP System; Setting up powerful Excel Sheets in sync with ERP System; Create powerful Crystal Reports

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QA, OH&S and Environmental Management System

Any management system that really works for you can only be justified by the cost and time it requires to keep the accreditation. We can help you to have a simple and compact integrated quality, safety and environmental management system that is build around the activities and compliance that are anyway essential for your business.

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Lean Management & Automaton

We can assist you in introducing lean management system to keep employees engaged in achieving grass root productivity gains on continuous basis and feel empowered in deciding the destiny of their (not your) business. Automation, specifically Robotic Welding, could bring enormous cost benefits to your industry.

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Helping SMEs

Hi I am Atul Johari. My mission is to help SMEs by improving their performance through an integrated management system. I believe that if I cannot provide a simple solution for a complex problem then I have not yet understood the problem. I work with key people in business to understand their processes & reporting requirements. Then by improving existing ERP system or implementing a new ERP system, the business is provided the competitive edge through effective management and productivity gain. Having worked over 20 years in SME, I understand the constraints and pressure faced by this sector. I also understand how vital it is to have an effective ERP System that encompasses all other management systems to overcome these issues.

How can we help

In our view 3 key areas that constantly bother managers of an SME are: 1. The reporting system cannot be trusted and is ineffective. 2. Quality accreditation is just a piece of paper and has little impact on the quality of product. 3. OH&S compliance is a massive task and any accident can have serious impact on business. To overcome these issues we would customise the existing ERP System or implement a new ERP System that would: 1. Provide reporting system that is convenient and visible across the board 2. Integrate quality system requirements 3. OH&S compliance requirements SMEs often struggle to have a single dedicated person for each management system – ERP, BI, QA, OH&S, and Lean. Having all these skill sets combined along with the passion we have to succeed and help others succeed, you have very little chance to go wrong. It is much more about how the system is implemented than which system is implemented.

I am also working closely with an Ostendo Partner and have accessibility to a great team of experts in Finance, Process manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing, Custom Manufacturing, Jobbing Shop, Distribution and IT.
Ostendo is a very affordable ERP Solution with tremendous features. It is being continuously refined by a very dynamic and hardworking team based in New Zealand. Feel free to contact for a demonstration.
I will be delighted to visit your place and make recommendations without any obligation. Please feel free to drop a line or call me for further queries.
20 Years in SME + 10 Years in a large public sector. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Under Graduate Diploma in Lean Management. Diploma in Project management.


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