ERP Selection

Selection of appropriate ERP system is a crucial decision for any business. It is almost an irreversible process which has both positive and negative long term impact. Availability of wide choice of ERP solutions can be very confusing. Understanding constraints on budget and time are vital. Consideration on business growth cannot be ignored. Skill level of employees and their willingness to adopt changes can certainly impact the success of implementation and hence their involvement is desirable from the early stages of selection process. Once the correct diagnosis is made the solution becomes easy and assured. Every investment of time, money and energy at this stage is worthwhile. We will help you in establishing a complete matrix of you current and future business requirements and identify an ERP system that is most suitable for your business. We also keep track of government incentive schemes specially designed to help SMEs in improving the productivity.

Here are some of the broader considerations for ERP Selection:

Off the Shelf ERP Softwares

Ute CarOff the shelf ERP softwares are like buying a car. You buy one to suit your requirements and start using it. Off course you can do certain improvements and include some add-ons. They are easy to use, good value for money, involve lower risk and have short implementation time. Generally they are made to suit a specific industry or business style. Most SMEs can find a suitable solution under this category.

Built to Suit ERP Softwares

Car Rolls RoyceERP software under this category are either completely built from scratch or dressed up to suit. The cost and implementation time will depend upon the degree of customisation. Risks are relatively higher and subsequent changes are also costlier and tedious. Some medium size business may still find suitable solutions under this category.

Hosted In-House

Car MercedesYou would need to purchase all the hardware and software upfront. You would also need to account for backup and security system. The initial cost is certainly higher but over the long term this may be a cost effective solution.

Hosted Off-Site

Car TaxiYou only rent the licenses to use the ERP Software and access it through the internet. You only need limited hardware and hence low setup cost. If your business has multiple locations or mobile workforce this may be a good option.


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