Implementation of ERP System

Our belief is that this is the crucial stage where a business can take a quantum jump towards improvements by showing the willingness to change. Do we want to replicate all the processes and procedures as it is or we are open to build new roads and pathways? Our vast experience in manufacturing industries and passion for continuous improvement along with your willingness to change will set you ahead of your competitors and your own expectations.

Implementation stage needs to be as short as possible for obvious reasons. We follow a very simple strategy to achieve this:

  • Majority of time is spent in understanding current practices by involving as many stake holders as possible
  • Review and refine procedures to gain maximum advantage of ERP system implementation
  • Provide training on Demo System to confirm and further refine procedures
  • Identify the key person who would be the local expert and provide additional training
  • Migrate data and test stage 1 implementation
  • Extend implementation to remaining areas
  • Identifying & resolving issues
  • Moving away from active support to back up support


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